ConvergeSouth – it is apolitical

When Ed announced that Elizabeth Edwards is coming to ConvergeSouth to lead a session about buidling online communities, a bunch of Republican commenters on his blog announced they are not going to show up because of her and found it hard (some, not all of them) to be persuaded that the conference is apolitical and that Elizabeth Edwards has more than one aspect to her – she is not just a Democrat, she is also a mother, a cancer survivor, a book author, a wife of a famous person, and an early adopter of online technology.
In the end, Elizabeth herself showed up in the comments and explained why she is coming and what she is going to talk about. I am looking forward to her session and the conference as a whole. If it is anything like last year, it really is apolitical. To this day I do not know the political sympathies of half the people I met there and had a grand time with. It’s about blogging and journalism, not politics.
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