We can haz Not Exactly Rockit Science?

Yes, we can!
My SciBling Ed Yong has collected some of his best posts from the last year and published them as a book. Yes, I already bought a copy for myself. And you should, too – just order it here.
Ed says:

I started Not Exactly Rocket Science as a way of reaching out to people with no specialist knowledge and only a passing interest in science. The book is meant to help draw in people who don’t really read blogs so if you have any friends who are interested in science, why not tell them about it or buy them a copy in time for Christmas?

Carl Zimmer wrote a blurb:

“Few blogs make a smooth transition from computer to paper. Not Exactly Rocket Science is one of them. Ed Yong writes elegantly yet engagingly about all manner of biology, from yawning dogs to viruses of viruses. Turn off the laptop for a while, and crack open this book. You will be pleased you did.”

Buy the book here.

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