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Is our grant peer-review system the “best of all evils”?

Sealed with a kiss – and neuroscience

Genomes for wild strawberries and fine cacao sequenced

WikiLeaks cables: Iraq security firms operate ‘mafia’ to inflate prices

Is it the thought that counts? – What would Kant, Aristotle and Bentham say about Christmas presents?

Common Mistakes in Scientific Writing [or, A Pedant’s Paradise]

What’s Fair in Games, Sports, and Science

‘Tis the Season For Winter Kimchi and Geothermal Heat Pumps

A Car Smart Enough to *Prevent* Traffic Jams

“Gravity Always Wins”: How the U.S. Can Face the Crisis of Unsafe Bridges

The Dangers Of Externalizing Knowledge

The Physiology of Foie: Why Foie Gras is Not Unethical

Faith and Modernity – Book Review – Holy Ignorance – By Olivier Roy

Stand up for what’s right – Are you a Truth Addict?

Changing students’ minds about what it takes to be a scientist and “I’m a High School Student Who Doesn’t Do Great on Quizzes” . . . Can you Still be a Scientist? Of Course!

Black Swan: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

The Corpus of Historical American English and Google Books / Culturomics

How to name a dinosaur

Author of the Day: Jennifer Rohn

Placebo effects without deception? Well, not exactly…

Quora – the never ending search for a FriendFeed replacement continues

Carolina Science Cafe – Harnessing the Sun: Current Trends in Photovoltaics, Dec.30, 7pm, Top Of The Hill, Chapel Hill

Are the old folks holding us back?

Google’s Demo Slam – Google Docs

How readable is your blog? A quantitative assessment of science blog accessibility

ScienceOnline2011 Hotel Update – Special Radisson rate now available

The molecular foundation of the phylotypic stage

NERS Review of the year Part 4 – New species and NERS Review of the year Part 5 – Best mind hacks and NERS Review of the year Part 6 – Early dawns and NERS Review of the year Part 7 – Cool videos

What Does the Nutcracker Have to do With Christmas?

Engineering students wrap up latest Tanzanian humanitarian project, pass the tipping point

What does a blizzard on the U.S. East Coast mean for global warming?

Crowdsourcing request: Help us create a list of blogs for v. 2.0

Fossilized food stuck in Neandertal teeth indicates plant-rich diet

New Mammals of 2010

Why are the letters “z” and “x” so popular in drug names?

Surveying all science bloggers!

Oh, look, that’s there – “Who Owns Our Work?”

Is It Really So Difficult to be Civil?

The big blizzard … in 40 seconds

Evolution of Altruism

Meme Theory Returns To Give It’s Own Inventor a Kicking

No way. According to my tongue, that hole is definitely wider. (That’s what she said.)

WikiLeaks, 5 major newspapers collaborate

Ancient human remains found in Israel

Easy Hunting?

Attractiveness of Leg Length

2011 Nears… Ant Lion Wish Time is Upon Us

Ten Amazingly Rude Optical Illusions


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