ScienceOnline2011 – introducing the participants

Continuing with the introductions to the attendees/participants of ScienceOnline2011. You can find them all on the list, but it may help if you get them in smaller chunks, focusing on a few at a time.

Deborah Blum is writer and a Professor of Journalism at University of Wisconsin. She blogs at Speakeasy Science and tweets as @deborahblum. I have reviewed her latest book ‘The Poisoner’s Handbook’ – here.

Stephanie Willen Brown is the director of the Park Library in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. She blogs at CogSci Librarian and tweets as @CogSciLibrarian. I interviewed Stephanie back in July.

Melissa Lott is a Graduate student and Research Assistant at University of Texas at Austin. She blogs on Global Energy Matters and tweets as @mclott.

Jessica McCann is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Duke University Medical Center. She tweets as @jess_i_am.

Louis Shackleton is a student at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He blogs at Crowded Head, Cozy Bed and tweets as @LouFCD.

Todd Harris is a Bioinformaticist and information architect at WormBase. He blogs at The World Is My Cubicle and tweets as @tharris.

Carl Boettiger is a Graduate Student Researcher in Population Biology at University of California, Davis. He tweets as @cboettig.

Jennifer Walton is the Public Relations Manager at NEON, Inc.. She tweets as @NEONInc.

Ann Marie Cunningham is the Executive Director of the Science Friday Initiative – the nonprofit of Science Friday on NPR – and she blogs at Talking Science. She tweets as @talkingscience.

Kelly Rae Chi is a freelance writer. I interviewed Kelly justa few weeks ago. She tweets as @kellyraechi.


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