Friday Weird Sex Blogging – Ladybugs

Since I already posted, earlier in the week, the weirdest and most disgusting animal sex post ever, instead of writing a new one, I’ll just send you to see some cute ladybug sex (scroll down to the middle of the post), which also reminded me of these pictures I dicovered a few months ago. Or another one, picked up randomly on the web:

3 responses to “Friday Weird Sex Blogging – Ladybugs

  1. Yup, I’ll be seeing a lot of this stuff over the next 4-9 months. Like any voyeur, I’ve just bought a new camera with good macro capability.

  2. I am sure we’ll see some of those pictures on your blog.

  3. Creepy thing happened this morning having too do with a ladybug. It was 6:00 am here in the state of MaineI woke up passing my hhand across my chest where I have a zit(sorry to be so graphic) & I felt a half round something in my waking up. FREAKY! It seem a ladybug crawl onto me and was feasting on my open zit which I popped last night before sleeping.
    If this all is what I was thinking was happening then ladybug are meat eater and one hungry insect, because I had to pinch it softly off my zit.