World Science

Pot may be good and bad, researchers propose:

The truth about marijuana might be more complex than either its opponents or its champions suggest, some scientists argue.

We’re more genetically diverse than thought:

Research has found that at least one in 10 human genes vary in the number of copies of certain DNA sequences.

A step toward quantum computers:

Physicists say they’ve taken a step toward making computers that work at blinding speeds thanks to the weird realities of quantum physics.

One cell makes almost any heart tissue, study finds:

New research could be a stride forward for therapy to rebuild hearts, but its use of embryonic cells may stir controversy.

Molecules may ‘anchor’ memories in brain:

Our brains nail down memories by using special proteins as anchors, a study suggests.

Extreme black hole pushes spin ‘limit’:

A black hole’s blindingly fast rotation could help explain some strange phenomena, physicists say.

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