According to Sitemeter (and its proverbial undercount), the 200,000th visitor is currently on this site. He or she is in Petaluma, California and came to this post from the Last-24Hours page. Why don’t you leave a comment?

3 responses to “200,000

  1. Maybe that’s me ;-). I am not from Petaluma though, my ISP is from Santa Rosa, and I live in the East Bay. sitemeter shows my IP as coming from Petaluma (I just checked). I clicked on your post this morning, but could not read the whole article it points to – I had to leave for work.
    Congrats to your 200,000th visitor 🙂

  2. Yup, it seem that’s you! Welcome to the blog and thank you for posting a comment.

  3. It took less than 6 months to reach 200,000 here on Seed. It took almost two years for my old blog to get to the same number.