Ah, why do I like chicken so much?!

The supply in the USA is apparently not very safe.

3 responses to “Ah, why do I like chicken so much?!

  1. “Ah, why do I like chicken so much?!”
    Because Chicken is awesome. For reference purposes, here are all the chicken and chicken-related I would recommend not eating:
    1. None.
    And here are all the times I would recommend against eating chicken:
    1. Never.
    The threat of food is poisoning is not going to stop me. I’m cooking dual dishes of chicken parmesan (with the added benefits of mozzarella, provolone, and spicy tomato and pesto sauce) and chicken fettuccine-alfredo. Awesome.

  2. Oh you chickenites are all the same. EVERYONE knows that pork is the end all be all of eating.

  3. Prairie Voles – the Other White Meat!