I Dream Of Jeannie

Comparative analysis of sexual dreams of male and female students (PDF)

The subject of research is analysis of connection between sexuality as instinctive function and dreams with sexual content as cognitive function. The sample consisted of 656 students, 245 males and 411 females. Research showed significant difference between genders concerning sexual dreams their appearance, frequency, image of sexual partner, and content subjective emotional experience during dreams and talk about sexual fantasies. Based on the obtained data, the authors believe that dreams with sexual content are not learned behavior, but biologically determined sexual behavior, and that cognitive elaboration of contents and objects of sexual fantasies is secondarily environmentally conditioned.

The article is in Serbian language, published in the journal ‘Psihijatrija danas’ (2000, Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 227-242) by Stanković Miodrag, Zdravković Jezdimir A., and Trajanović Ljiljana (all from Klinika za zaštitu mentalnog zdravlja i neuropsihijatriju razvojnog doba Kliničkog centra, Niš).
If you are interested I’ll take a look and translate important parts to quote and see if it is any good.


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  1. ThePolynomial

    Ooh, I’m definitely interested. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun (or a lot of soft science).