She Has Good Instincts!

Kate Michelman, lifelong feminist and former head of NARAL, talks about why she’s signed up to work for John Edwards (click through the ad to read the entire thing):

….I think that says a lot about his seriousness and commitment to addressing the experiences of women in society. I think it speaks very well of him. And while I’ve been a leader on women’s liberties and equality, I’m known mostly for my work on reproductive rights, which could make a candidate feel somewhat reluctant or questioning. But it didn’t with John and Elizabeth.
I have often felt that in the past, campaigns have paid lip service to women, or treated them as a constituency. Well, excuse me. I hate to be treated as a constituency. We are people. We are a force, a vital centerpiece of society as a whole — and in the past I have felt insulted that issues of concern to women have been given only lip service. But John is doing anything but that. Bringing someone like me on board is a real statement about that…

Read the whole thing.

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