You think we are sick and tired of conference organizing?

Think again! Not just that we have already started planning for the NEXT year’s Science Blogging Conference, but Anton is taking the lead in organizing another one this summer. And if all you liked at the SBC was dinner (and please do tell us if that was the case), you are definitely going to love this one: it is a Food Blogging Conference! Check the proposed program – eating, eating, eating (yes, and some tasty drinking as well) and liveblogging it all!
Update: There is more related news here.

5 responses to “You think we are sick and tired of conference organizing?

  1. I have recently been appointed to the Executive Committee of the 7th International Conference on Complex Systems, Boston, 28 Oct-2 Nov 2007. Google “ICCS-2007” and “NECSI.” There was passably good blogging, and useful official wiki, for ICCS-2006. I have special responsibility for the Plenary sessions.
    Very interdisciplinary, lost of fun, usually several Nobel laureates (last year was “Renormalization Group” Wilson, and John Forbes Nash, Jr.), and last year I ran a thread of Science Fiction authors expert in the topic, including David Brin, Geoffrey Landis, Marvin Minsky, Stanley Schmidt, Mary Turzillo, others.
    Some readers of the Science Blogs are there, such as Blake Stacey. This is a very unofficial posting, but I’d love to see Science Bloggers there in some capacity.

  2. Well la-di-da Jonathan… any more bragging you want to get out of your system?

  3. Dear Joe,
    Not bragging. Unofficial pre-invitations. If I wanted to brag, I’d talk about all my conference papers. Here, the emphasis is on what I can do to assist scientists, writers, bloggers, and students in the interdisciplinary scientific process. My volunteer effort is a thankless labor-intensive task set. Or are you sour-graping because Boston is too long a commute for you? If so, better blogging would benefit you. Anyway, I’m of an age where I brag about my son, instead of myself. But that’s another story.

  4. Speaking of food blogging, is there a food blogger’s carnival? It seems like a natural. Of course, considering the nature of most carnival food, I soppose most posts would be about something deep-fried on a stick. If there is not foodie’s carnival yet, “The Deep-Fried Stick” is my nominee for a name.

  5. There are officially 22 food carnivals in existence.