Will ‘Beagle’ sail for the Darwin BiCentennial?

darwin.jpgDarwin Day – his 198th birthday – is coming up soon, on February 12th. Are you planning on writing a post on that day?
Last year I put together a linkfest of all the notable blogospheric contributions for the Darwin Day. Although the number of science blogs has increased greatly since then, I intend to make this year’s linkfest as well. I’ll use Technorati and Google Blogsearch to find the posts, but you can make it easier for me by e-mailing me the URL.
Don’t forget that two years from now – the 200th birthday – there will be many celebrations around the world. There will be conferences. There will be new books published. Special editions of magazines. Media coverage of various kinds. Probably a blogospheric frenzy of some sort.
And, with your help, there will be a replica of the “Beagle” sailing around the world, re-tracing the route of its 19th century namesake, carrying around scientists, teachers and journalists who will be doing original research, comparing today’s biodiversity with that described by Darwin on his voyage, reporting about it in real time via various modern communicaitons technologies, and – since it is a small ship and nobody can act as dead weight – pulling the ropes, hoisting the sails, cooking the meals and cleaning the deck!
Beagle%20plans700.jpgThe highest bid so far is still $100. If you donate more to the project by the end of this 10-day drive (today is the 7th day), the book will be yours!

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