Weather in Chapel Hill NC for the next five days


4 responses to “Weather in Chapel Hill NC for the next five days

  1. Hi Bora and friends,
    I won’t get there, but I’ve been watching the Charlotte ice and snow event closely from Charlotte and can share this for anyone going through the Charlotte airport on the way to #scio11.
    Some flights apparently have been getting out during the day on Tuesday, and things will improve as the week gets warmer. Flights trying to leave at night or before about 10 or 11 a.m. seem to run into the most delays.
    Major highways are clear in Charlotte; it’s just the neighborhoods that remain a bit iced over.

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  3. Do they offer any translation to real units? Looks rather hot to me 😉

    (Just being annoying – I do understand it’s roughly around 0˚C, and sunny =D)

  4. Hee. I understand. Just had a daughter back from a semester in France. She came back quite confused for a day or two.
    Her experience with customs on Dec. 21: hot, crowded and long. Four large flights from frozen Europe all arrived at the same time (there had been delays), and those with connecting flights had difficulties.
    My experience a month earlier was quick and painless. Half an hour. But my flight was on time, so I wasn’t in line (in queue?) with 700 other people.