Animal Migration

Animal Migration: New Technologies, Global Warming Add Impetus To Research:

The February 2007 issue of BioScience, the monthly journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), includes a special section on animal migration that features six articles exploring biologists’ understanding of this pervasive and vital syndrome. Animal migration fascinated the ancients and continues to fascinate researchers today. An often highly complex, synchronized suite of changes in behavior, morphology, and physiology enables journeys that may be epic in scale. These feats of endurance and navigation are widely regarded as some of the most astonishing of nature’s spectacles. Researchers have gained some important insights into the evolution of migration, yet very much remains unknown about the multiple mechanisms that animals call on when they migrate.

The series of papers appears in the latest issue of BioScience (which, back in the day when I could afford it, I was subscribed to). The papers include:

What Is Migration?
pp. 113-121(9)
Authors: Dingle, Hugh; Drake, V. Alistair
How Migrants Get There: Migratory Performance and Orientation
pp. 123-133(11)
Authors: Åkesson, Susanne; Hedenström, Anders
Regulation of Migration
pp. 135-143(9)
Authors: Ramenofsky, Marilyn; Wingfield, John C.
Migration, Patchiness, and Population Processes Illustrated by Two Migrant Pests
pp. 145-154(10)
Authors: Cheke, Robert A.; Tratalos, Jamie A.
The Evolution and Genetics of Migration in Insects
pp. 155-164(10)
Authors: Roff, Derek A.; Fairbairn, Daphne J.
The Genetics and Evolution of Avian Migration
pp. 165-174(10)
Author: Pulido, Francisco

Regulation of Migration by Ramenofsky and Wingfield is the only one I can get from free. Is there an AIBS member reading this blog who could download and send me the PDFs of the other migration papers, please? I promise a nice long post (or even more than one) on the topic….

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