In Memoriam, Cava 1920-2007

Osvaldo_Cavandoli aka Cava, the author of the amazing and hillarious cartoon La Linea, one of my childhood favourites, has died about two weeks ago. Here is the very first episode:

There are several more available on YouTube (I just watched about a dozen and laughed out loud).
Unlike most of the episodes seen on TV this one below is definitely NSFW (i.e., if your work does not find this safe, you should find a saner employer):

The subtitles, in Croatian, are hillarious if you do not understand Italian.
[Hat-tip: cicciosax]

2 responses to “In Memoriam, Cava 1920-2007

  1. Damn, I’m sorry to hear that. I used to love those cartoons when they were shown on TV when I was a kid (Danish TV never subtitled them)

  2. Actually I was surprised to see subtitles on some of these clips – we never had subtitles either.