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Ha! We got cartooned (again).

Remember this? A comic strip by Joseph Hewitt portraying SciBlings.

Well, he’s done it again:

Clever play on the words Diaspora and Panspermia. Just like Seedling Stars, the Sciblings are bursting out of their old sporangia and flying into the deep unknown, landing on faraway planets, adapting to them, geo- and bio- engineering them to fit them better. And of course, except during the Fail Whale moments, communicating across the lightyears via Twitter.

Or perhaps, to stay with the spores, better metaphor may be Pilobolus.

Future: News From The Year 2137 Trailer (video)

Future: News From The Year 2137 Trailer
For explanation, read this.

How NOT To Use Powerpoint (video)

Jack Bauer interrogates Santa (video)

Peer-review – nothing has changed since 1945 (video)

Afternoon Tea With Richard Wiseman (video)

The first in a series by @RichardWiseman:

During the Edinburgh Festival I will invite some of my favourite magicians, skeptics, psychologists and comedians to join me for afternoon tea. Over a plentiful supply of cakes, pastries and sandwiches we will chat about this and that, and occasionally the other. I hope that you will feel moved to put on the kettle, relax and join us.

Five podcasts are already up….

Microsoft’s New Smart Phone (video)

Does your iPhone have a tape measure? Eh? How can you beat that?
Hat-tip: Science Lush