Ha! We got cartooned (again).

Remember this? A comic strip by Joseph Hewitt portraying SciBlings.

Well, he’s done it again:

Clever play on the words Diaspora and Panspermia. Just like Seedling Stars, the Sciblings are bursting out of their old sporangia and flying into the deep unknown, landing on faraway planets, adapting to them, geo- and bio- engineering them to fit them better. And of course, except during the Fail Whale moments, communicating across the lightyears via Twitter.

Or perhaps, to stay with the spores, better metaphor may be Pilobolus.


5 responses to “Ha! We got cartooned (again).

  1. This is funny! (Personally, I was expecting a care bear tea party but — as Sci taught me to say — whatevs. )

    Love that you are the sheriff in cowboy attire.

  2. Nooo. The cartoon reference would be
    The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.


    >the dolphins, aware of the destruction of SciBlogs by the PepsiCoHacks, left BlogHell for an alternate dimension but not before replacing the rep-damaged blogs with a new version and transporting everyone and everything to it as a way of saving the human species.

    I know Doug Adams has been pushing up daisies for a while (2001), but people usually get the reference to Dolphins and Saving Earth.

  3. You’re right that it was a reference to Douglas Adams, but I really like the panspermia idea.

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