Open Laboratory ’10 – announcement: new Editor

We are running a baton race this year, I think 😉

Anyway, Ben Young Landis got a great new job and is moving to California and will be busy getting started there, so he had to bow out of the Year’s Editor role (at least for this year!). Not a problem at all – there is already a new Editor in place.

Welcome Jason G. Goldman of The Thoughtful Animal blog. As he explains in his post he will be the one steering the ship this year. Thank you, Jason, so much for jumping in so fast in an emergency.


3 responses to “Open Laboratory ’10 – announcement: new Editor

  1. younglandis

    Congrats to Jason! My deep thanks again to you, Bora, for inviting me in the first place. It’s a great honor, and I now hand over the baton with respect and gratitude. Glad to see I didn’t leave you too much in a pickle during these hectic times for you. A big h/t to Jason.

    Here’s to OpenLab10!

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