Save the Mountain Walrus

First, there was a Tree Octopus, but now, there is an even more endangered animal – the Mountain Walrus:

Having just eaten a substantial meal, this herd will not have to hunt again for many days. For now, these mustangs are safe from the satiated walruses. Mountain walruses are carnivorous animals. They eat many species of animals, from mice to horses and elk. The cows will venture forth in small groups and hunt for the entire herd. They will bring whatever meat they were able to find back to the dens and all will partake. The younger cows are in charge of looking over the calves while the bulls protect the herd. The hunting cows can bring back enough food to last for a week before having to hunt again. They may travel as far as 10 miles to find food.

Mythusmage has more.
…hmmmm….should have saved this post for April First and written it seriously….

6 responses to “Save the Mountain Walrus

  1. Somethings are just too silly to save for later. 🙂

  2. Heidi Moronick

    You ar insane! this is to dumb and unrasonable to b true, stop trying to trick people and stick to the facts YOU ARE GAY and nobody is stupid enough to fall for your shitty parank!

  3. Brittany Kellogg

    I am a scientist and if you think you can fool some unworthy dimwit dont think its me. You idiots could seriously get fined.

  4. This was an April Fools joke and it seems the joke is on you because I posted it two days too early – see my last sentence as well as the first comment above.

  5. dr. frankinstiene

    WTH!!! That picture is so obviosly photoshop its sad. But the tree octopuses are funny my son believed it!

  6. mountain walruses are NOT real. who ever believes this is a dumbo hahahahhahahhahahahahahahah so ifur not dumb dont believe it