OK, admit, how many of you really got suckered? (in reference to yesterday)
Quite a lesson in credulity and perception for many…(yup, I was in on the joke from the very beginning/planning/execution stages)

3 responses to “Suckered?

  1. I figured it out fast, but only because the article wasn’t showing up in my RSS feed from them. Wondering how you guys saw it before I did, I finally realized the domain wasn’t the same. Eventually I also noticed it was the “discover” institute.
    Really beautiful job spoofing the site though. It was flawless, and it even sounded like them.

  2. I’m sorry, I’m dumb. Would you explain clearly to me where the joke began and ended. Is Egnor a real person? Did he really say those things? Is he part of the joke? Or was the joke only the April 1 phony “DISCOVER” Institute web site? Was the whole thing a DI joke or a PT joke? It is way too complicated for me.

  3. Egnor is apparently real. The whole thing is a PT joke.