‘Ask the ScienceBlogger’ returns

Remember “Ask the ScienceBlogger” series? Well, it’s back. And it is somewhat different now. Instead of putting the question out for everyone to respond to (or not) at their own leisure, this time one particular SB blog will be charged with answering the question, and others are free to chime in if they wish so afterwards.
The first question is out of the box now:

What’s the difference between psychology and neuroscience? Is psychology still relevant as we learn more about the brain and how it works?

And Dave and Greta Munger of Cognitive Daily were charged with answering it. They did the job magnificiently!
Subsequently, Jonah Lehrer posted his commentary as well.
If you have a question, send it in to the Seed Overlords and it – and the answer to it from one of us – may show up one day down the line.
If you have a question that you want me to answer – on biological rhythms, comparative animal physiology, or animal behavior – let them know you want me to be the blogger in charge of answering the question. If you have trouble e-mailing them, send the question to me and I will forward it to the appropriate Seed staffer.

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