Mike has a great idea

Three out of ten Republican presidential candidates raised hands in the recent debate indicating they do not believe in evolution. Jason has an excellent round-up of responses (Arianna Huffington rocks!) with some good comments by readers as well. How can you help combat scientific ignorance? If your blog is NOT a science blog, try to do what Mike suggests and link to five science-related posts every week.
There is plenty of stuff here at scienceblogs.com, but you can also use this page when you are looking for science posts, especially the science-related carnivals listed at the very bottom of that page. Carnivals act as filters, showcasing the best that science/nature/medical/environmental blogosphere has to offer on any given week.


3 responses to “Mike has a great idea

  1. Maybe we can learn from Turkey. Popular discontent with Islamist-connected candidate Abdullah Gul has forced him to withdraw from the contest for presidency of Turkey. The voters recognize that religious fundamentalism is inappropriate for the leadership of a modern state.
    Here is my hope that Americans can be as wise as Turks.

  2. Thanx dude, I hope I put the links to good use. Although I sometimes disagree with you, it usually turns out being because I wasn’t seeing the whole story. Btw, I’m a half-jewish *atheist* lutheran caucasoid pot smoker who has never read the bible except for Russel’s Teapot.

  3. The reason I don’t have a TV is so I can’t throw a book through the screen during presidential debates. The temptation would be just too great.