Danica Needs a New Job!

Graduate of the University of Belgrade (Serbia), City University (UK) and UNC-Chapel Hill (USA), with a Masters from University of Belgrade, Danica Radovanovic is currently in Belgrade without a job and she is looking for one either in Serbia, in Western/Northern Europe or in the USA.
Danica is the tireless Serbian pioneer in all things online: blogging, open source, Linux, science blogging, open science, social networking software, online publishing, eZine editing, etc. She is the force behind putting Serbian science online and making it open. She has done research on Internet use in Serbia in comparison to the UK and the USA and has been a tireless advocate for the Internet, open source computing and Open Science, travelling around Serbia and the world talking about it. She is also a cybrarian and has experience working at the Library of Congress.
You can learn more about Danica here and check her LinkedIn CV/Resume (expanded). She will send you the real Resume on demand.
This is your opportunity to snag someone with boundless energy and enthusiasm, coupled with knowledge, skill and experience. Do you or your organization need someone like that?

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