An Intelligent Storkist Designs a Straw Man

Actually, the picture (author is Antun Zuljevic, a birder extraordinnaire) is from the village of Svilojevo in northern Serbia (Vojvodina, near the town of Apatin on the Danube) where the Locust Trees have been cut, and nobody is building large haystacks any more, so the storks are forced to build nests in crazy places. This pair of White Storks was not successful in nesting on this factory chimney last year, but they had better luck this time around. Yup, storks prefer nesting on chimneys only in fairy tales. In reality, that is the site of last resort.
Source: Google group of Ptica

One response to “An Intelligent Storkist Designs a Straw Man

  1. Oh, father stork, father stork, fly to your nest;
    Three featherless fledglings await your return.
    The first of your chicks shall be struck through the breast,
    The second shall hang, and the third shall burn.

    (from H.C. Anderson’s “The Storks”)