Blogging Sex and Reproduction

Everyone seems to be blogging about sex (and reproduction) these days. Is it something in the air? Water? Anyway, here are some good recent examples:
Bush Administration Censored Talk On Birth Control And Sex Ed:

This administration got away with a trailblazer–using the FDA to decide a drug’s (Plan B) availability based strictly on party ideology. It set the precedent for a future administration to behave equally as irresponsible.
When a future administration institutes a one-child policy, or executes officials who don’t tow the party line, or makes stoning part of the treatment protocol for rape patients, we mustn’t forget to thank the Bush administration for its visionary conduct.

In Our Country, We Do Sex, Too:

When it comes to sex education, let’s hope India does a better job than we do

The Coolidge Effect:

It’s suggested that the renewed sexual motivation actually represents a dishabituation of the male’s sexual behavior. When the same female is repeatedly presented, the male’s sexual response toward the female gradually decreases and his copulatory efforts appear to become exhausted more quickly. That is, the male habituates to the presence of the female, failing to respond in the same way to her over time. But, presented with a novel female, the “context” of his copulatory experience changes and the male’s sexual response bounces back up to a high level. In other words, the male dishabituates in the presence of the novel female.

Make sure you tune in to the Midwest Teen Sex Show:

If you’re a teenager feel free to enjoy the podcasts and pass the links on to your friends. If you’re a parent, sex educator or therapist share the site with your kids, clients and colleagues.
This is how sex education should be – something that we actually want to see.

The sex education issues parents worry about:

Here are some common concerns or issues parents have about sex education – and some of the evidence about giving sex information to young people which perhaps politicians should consult before recommending parent-only sex education.

The scam that never enZe: the wacky world of weenie-woo:

In fact, one well-known vendor of inert phallotropics has found itself in trouble. (The headline of the linked article is priceless.) Surely you’ve seen the insanely upbeat mascot known as “Enzyte Bob” who wears a giant permagrin to match his presumably equine manhood. Well, his Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals employers might be feeling a little more droopy than he, what with the feds angling to jerk $100 million from the company’s once-cocksure executives.

2 responses to “Blogging Sex and Reproduction

  1. As soon as I saw the “The sex education issues parents worry about” and then saw the MP’s name, it was pretty obvious she was Muslim.
    She shouldn’t even be commenting on sex education. Islam subjugates women on a regular basis.

  2. The blog entry is by Petra Boynton, hardly a Muslim name. It gives good information. The MP, Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party, has Pakistani parents, and if she thinks sex ed for kids is “peddling homosexuality”, then she’s in agreement with many conservative Christians.
    Your generalizations about the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are unreasonable. My Muslim friends from Bosnia and East Turkestan wouldn’t recognize themselves. We really need to get away from lumping people as ‘us’ and ‘them’, IMO.