A bloggers’ icon for posts about Peer-Reviewed Research

Dave and Co. are trying to figure out a way to institute a universal icon that everyone could use on top of their blog posts whenever the post is a serious commentary on a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal and contains a link to the paper itself (and not just a press release or media commentary).
What do you think? Leave your ideas, questions and responses in the comment thread there.

3 responses to “A bloggers’ icon for posts about Peer-Reviewed Research

  1. I like the idea! I just left a comment on Cognitive Daily with an idea that links the icon to a citation on a site aggregating the commentaries of others. It occurs to me that, as a reader of blogs, what I would find most useful is a way to find other commentaries by the same blogger, blog or in the same field.

  2. Yes, sounds like an excellent idea. Chemical blogspace [1] and Postgenomic.com [2] contain many blogs that on a more than regular basis blog about serious (peer-reviewed) science [3], and there even is some markup to identify reviews of research articles [4], but an icon like this will make things more clear to the reader who just sees the web browser window. BTW, the other way around already exists: show on journal webpages which blog items comment on the articles [5] (the userscript can be downloaded from [6]).

  3. Hi Bora, I think Euans idea, something like postgenomic markup is a good idea. A DOI is a good indicator of scientific content (e.g. a commentary on a paper)