Google Earth on PLoS ONE papers

As far as I know, there are two papers on PLoS ONE so far that, as Supporting Information, have KML files readable by Google Earth: Naturalised Vitis Rootstocks in Europe and Consequences to Native Wild Grapevine and this week’s Regional Decline of Coral Cover in the Indo-Pacific: Timing, Extent, and Subregional Comparisons. Just scroll down to the Supporting Information of those papers, click on “Map S1” and, if you have Google Earth you can explore the map of the area of study.
If you are publishing a paper in an online, open access journal, think outside the box – there are things you can do that cannot be printed on paper but work online. If such files (images, videos, Google Earth maps, sound files, etc.) substantially enhance your manuscript, seriously consider including them. PLoS is working on making it easier for such files to be posted (or even embedded) in our papers in the future.

2 responses to “Google Earth on PLoS ONE papers

  1. I think you mean “KML”, not “KLM”. “KML” is Keyhole Markup Language, “KLM” is a Dutch airline.

  2. alexithimia….will fix later.