Just had coffee with Emile Petrone, the developer of Knowble, a social networking site for scientists (and yes, this includes social scientists as well). The site is already open if you want to join and look around (find me and ping me), but watch this space for future information – there will be a big official rollout soon and I will provide more information at that time.


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  1. Pretty cool, I’m joining!

  2. hmm, can’t seem to find out jack about it without registering. interesting model they have there…

  3. Well, registering is kinda difficult, with only a limited number of institutions on the “approved” list so far – and Eastern Europe is definately underrepresented 🙂

  4. I tried to register but since I am from Portugal, my organisation wasn’t recognised.

  5. To the above commentors,
    I am sorry your experience was not up to your expectations. As we are in Beta, much about Knowble is being kept behind the registration. We are still honing various elements of the community to make sure we release a community that is both easy to use and relevant to professors, researchers, and scientists. In our current state, we are keeping it limited to people whose institutions are within our database. That does not mean we are excluding Eastern Europe, Portugal, or your institution. If you fill out a request, we overwhelmingly accept them. There have been a few exceptions to a few large tech corporations.
    So to the above commentors, we apologize that you did not find what you wanted. However we are working hard and I will contact each of you to make sure we include your institutions.

  6. I’d just like to supplement my previous comment by noting that I did in fact register my home university in Hungary yesterday – no problems at all! In fact, it was a great experience, since I got an answer for my request within 30 minutes. So thanx Emile and everyone else behind knowble 🙂 And I do hope the community works out, it seems like a very nice idea.