The Best Life Science Blogs in The Scientist

The good folks at The Scientist asked a few of us to recommend some of the best and most interesting life science blogs. We have done so and the article is now online:

So, we at The Scientist are asking you to help compile the first list of the best life science blogs. Tell us what your favorite life science blogs are and why by clicking the button and leaving a comment, and we will publish a list of the most popular choices across the different areas of life sciences. With your help we hope to provide a list of who is currently hot in the science blogosphere, and why you should be reading them.

The best thing is that you can have your say as well – recommend your own favourites at this form. If a discussion about this goes on your blog, feel free to paste the URL in the form as well:

To start things off, we’ve asked some of the best known science bloggers to nominate some of their favorite blogs. Add to the list by posting your choices here, and these will appear below the list in the comments section.
In the spirit of blog-like openness, we hope people discuss their favorite science blogs elsewhere. If people on your blog are having an interesting discussion thread about this, then post a link to that page, and we’ll count those suggestions too.

So, fire away – what are your favourites?

Attila Csordas (also here), PZ Myers, Phillip Torrone, Abel PharmBoy, Alex Palazzo, Chris Patil, Mo Costandi, Tara Smith, Alan Cann, Deepak Singh, Brian Switek, John Hawks, Carl Zimmer, Orac, Terry, Bug Girl and others link to the article and in some cases suggest additional blogs.
Chad Orzel notices that not everybody is clear that the listing is of LIFE science blogs, not all science blogs. Biology and medicine only, this time around.
As expected, somebody suggested ‘Uncommon Descent’, ‘Evolution News and Views’ and ‘ID the Future’ which are, by definition, not science blogs.
Grrrlscientist, Sheril Kirshenbaum, Karmen Franklin and Zuska notice that none of the people asked are women. I wish I knew that this was going to be the case when I was asked. Although two out of my three suggestions are blogs written by women (The Anterior Commissure and Pondering Pikaia), I would have added more, starting perhaps with Notes from Ukraine, Bootstrap Analysis, Biology in Science Fiction, Dr.Petra, Bioephemera, Invasive Species Blog, Cyberspace Rendezvous, Science Made Cool, N@ked Under My Lab Coat, Easternblot, Well-Timed Period, Intueri, Emergiblog and Eye on DNA, just to begin with.
So, go there and add some female bloggers in the comments!

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