Facebook, after weeks of pressure, still bans breastfeeding photos!

I thought the LiveJournal debacle taught them a lesson. I guess not. Melissa posted about this a couple of weeks ago, and Tara did it today again because the issue has not been resolved yet. So did PZ Myers (Janet Stemwedel and Dr. Joan Bushwell also chime in). Facebook is deleting pictures of breastfeeding and banning users who post them. Now that Facebook is not just for college crowd, there are more and more moms and dads on the network, proudly showing off their offspring to the world. Including offspring in the moments of feeding bliss.
But, you know that in this country there are a lot of dirty old men who find that scene somehow sexual (what kind of sick upbringing results in such sexual perversion, I wonder?), including, apparently, someone in the upper echelons of Facebook. Join the fast-growing Facebook group and send them a message. Blog about this as well. Force them to reverse this medieval decision.


2 responses to “Facebook, after weeks of pressure, still bans breastfeeding photos!

  1. I don’t think I would call it medieval. Medieval people were a lot more comfortable with depictions of breastfeeding.

  2. You are right about that. I was thinking more about a generally medieval mindset – should I call it Victorian instead?