How could I resist….

…taking pictures of Marbles and Orange Julius a minute ago – aren’t they sweet?


7 responses to “How could I resist….

  1. Your “Marbles” (assuming that’s the handsome feline on the left) looks a *lot* like my European Burmese. Very Burmese-y face and head. Does he have any Burmese ancestry?

  2. Actually, I don’t think so. Dad is Maine Coon, Mom is a mutt.

  3. Dogs are mutts, cats are American Shorthairs.
    What’s an American Shorthair?
    A feline mutt.
    What’s a mutt?
    A canine American Shorthair.

  4. Actually no, “American Shorthair” is now a defined and disctinctive breed. See .
    The term I’ve seen used on cat rescue boards for feline mutts is “moggie”.

  5. They look absolutely DELICIOUS!
    Yum yum!

  6. Lovely pics – their colours complement each other perfectly.

  7. Oh, how beautiful. I love it when cats snuggle up with each other!