Dinosaurs! At National Geographic

As usual, they made a great website and you can have fun with the “hidden camera” and try to figure out how many little movies did they have to make for the trick to work (i.e., try to “roar” when the people are on different places on the screen):

In support of this upcoming special, National Geographic has asked that I invite you to experience Dino Central Park [http://www.dinocentralpark.com]. Featuring a hidden “webcam” in Central Park, the website allows users to scare the pants off of unsuspecting New Yorkers walking through the park by controlling a virtual Dino hidden in the bushes.
Dino Death Trap, premiering Sunday December 9th at 8:00 pm, digs up brand new species of dinosaurs from a lost age of the early Jurassic. Join National Geographic as they travel to western China, deep in the dry and desolate Junggar Basin, when the graves never-before-seen Dinos are uncovered. Some scientists are calling it “The Pit of Death”, others, “Dinosaur Pompeii”. Envision dinosaur corpses stacked one on top of each other, piled four and five high. A bizarre T. Rex ancestor, a Triceratops ancestor, an ancient Crocodilian, and nearly 40 more different species dating back 160 million years ago are uncovered in front of National Geographic cameras. Follow a team of paleontologists, led by Dr. Jim Clark, of George Washington University, and Dr. Xu Xing, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as they unearth answers to a virtual black hole in dinosaur evolution. Watch as the bones are examined, reconstructed and brought back to life, using high resolution CGI, and slowly probe the mystery of who these dinosaurs were, how they died and what they can tell us about the Lost Age of the Dinosaurs.
Want more Dinosaurs? From DinoCentralPark.com, head over to NGCDinos.com [http://www.ngcdinos.com] where you’ll find 3-D Dino renderings, a fossil hunt game, a Dino mummy timeline, and six video previews of the show. National Geographic even created a “Dino Widget” to help you and your friends determine what kind of Dino they are!
*Disclaimer: Dino Central Park is for entertainment purposes only, and does not feature an actual webcam.

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