Huckabee on Evolution

Welcome to the 18th century Presidential candidate (under the fold):


4 responses to “Huckabee on Evolution

  1. I’m honestly shocked……
    – That Bill O’Reilly actually (briefly) appeared to be a rational individual!

  2. Great post Bora. We really need to know what our politicians think about this important topic.
    The point that Huckabee evades is that belief in creationism directly impacts the teaching of evolution (hence the scientific method that underpins the “theory”) in our classrooms. This in turn has profound consequences for the quality of science education and of critical thinking in our schools.

  3. Fortunately, based on last night’s FL Primary results, The Huckster will not be a Pres candidate. The bad news is that maybe McCain will take him as a VP candidate. If the Dems screw up, then we might then be only a heartbeat away from the 18th century.
    Damn. It’s even colder in Toronto than Chicago…

  4. Thank god Huck will not win. 😉