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Tomorrow night! The BlogTogether Birthday Bash – Oct 19, 2010 and The BlogTogether Birthday Bash – what a fantastic line-up! Reads like who’s’who of the local (and in some cases international) blogging world. And many will step up on the stage and tell their stories how blogging changed their lives. It’s free – you should join us. It will be great fun! Click through the links and register.

“He Gave Us Order Out of Chaos” — R.I.P. Benoît Mandelbrot, 1924-2010 and Benoît Mandelbrot (1924 – 2010) and How Fractals Can Explain What’s Wrong with Wall Street and Mandelbrot 1924-2010 and Benoit Mandelbrot (RIP) and the quest for a theory of really everything and And now, a few words from the grandfather I wish I had and DIY Fractals: Exploring the Mandelbrot Set on a Personal Computer and Scientific American posts their original Mandelbrot article (pdf)

Carl Zimmer on “Brain Cuttings” and the Future of Books

The Trouble with Scientists

Your help needed: Practical tips for better science blogging and Some Sunday reading about science writing success

In which I defend a bit of honest ignorance and I, Too, Will Defend Honest Scientific Ignorance

VISUALS & REPRESENTATIONS: Giant’s Shoulders #28

Big spotted pumas… Miracinonyx redux?

Evolutionary arms race turns ants into babysitters for Alcon blue butterflies

On Average, the Married Chilean Miners Were Rescued Sooner Than the Single Ones

Employment tribunal hears of bizarre hoax phone call

For Those Of You Who Think Pre-Packaged Salads Are Still Too Much Work …

Cooking up the future

A hot bed of germ-y journalism (aka germs on gadgets)

Space Situational Awareness

Revamped Forbes Pushes Advertorials, Social Media, Conflict

On science blogs this week: Underground

Totilas sold to former Olympic showjumper – for, rumored, $21 million!

Climate change politics distorts media coverage (probably)

How to Turn Sunlight into Water: the Portable Solar Desalination Plant

Attention, New Yorkers: The Imagine Science Film Festival is upon you!

Researchers Point to ‘Moral Obligation,’ ‘Good Citizens’ in Urging Scientists to ‘Speak Up’ on Policy

Brain differences in schizophrenia linked to mom’s immune response

The Nightingale Collaboration

Freshwater: A motion to compel settlement coming?

FDA may approve ‘Franken-salmon’

World’s Longest Cable Car Line Debuts

Blotting Out Sun May Soon Be Banned

Radioactive Suppository Sex Aids & Radium Toothpaste: Shining Lethal Nonsense

Cool new blog: MINDS ON FILM

Biochembelle and my secret identity

Forensic entomology – History and Archeology

Make Your Halloween Party Glow With Easy Ideas From Steve Spangler Science!

Gutsy Goats Caught Scaling Super-Steep Dam (Pics and video)

14 amazingly cool research facilities

Night And Day

Obama! A Modern U.S. President (musical spoof)

Adversity Is Linked to Life Satistaction

Little Brother is Watching

Thank your teachers: test-takers remember more

Eat less meat, save the planet? Livestock nears sustainability limit

Meet the earliest dinosaurs

Political world

Disentangling Co-Neurotransmitter Release

How propaganda is disseminated: WikiLeaks Edition

Japan’s end of history

Völkerwanderung back with a vengeance

The decline of Survivor

The rise and crash of civilizations

The blood of kings

Fact Check program about accountability, transparency in local news reporting

New physics blog: Physics feed for your imagination – Schrödinger’s Dog

Death of a Fulton Fish Market Fixture

Molecular Insights into Classic Examples of Evolution

Infants follow gaze of robot “friends”

Sneezing, photic and otherwise (update)

A history of the phantom penis

Cultural Memory

Dr. Charles Hamilton Hughes, Alienist and Neurologist

More aDNA from the Black Death and settling the black death debate with ancient dna

The Science of Fringe

Dragons and Geology

Understanding segregation in American Churches

Economics and Evolution as Different Paradigms XIII: May the Best Paradigm Win

Why we deny climate change

A dot in space and chromosomes

Interesting comment by Bart Penders on 3 circles of scientific credibility

E-Readers’ Collective

Why Living In Cities Sucks

Geology and Cyclicity: Milankovitch´s idea

Rough Patches

Creationist Explanations for the fossil record

CO2 is the biggest climate control knob

Calibrating a buret when there is nothing better to do

Tweeting emotions: sentiment in Twitter events

Visualizing Rolex Time sand

Young people are flocking to farming as a career. But where will they find the land to farm?

Anatomic Fashion Friday: Ribcage Ring

The True Size Of Africa

Veggie Bots: “Eat Your Veggies!” Just Got a Whole Lot More Fun

The Scale (and Limits) of the Universe!

A Physicist’s Climate Complaints

Isopods as big as your brain!

The Fungus and Virus that Rot Bee Brains

Dinosaurs would not die out, if drank Aspirin Plus C

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Robert Ayton

Fifteen brain encounters

The Talker

The Archbishop … restored! and The “Archbishop” returns, in the first detailed restoration EVER!

“Moonbeam Death Ray” by Bronze Fawn

Better Posters: I’m looking through you

True to type: how we fell in love with our letters

The Organizing Gap

Goodbye rinderpest

Why veterinary anesthesia is a thrill a minute

Population trends, not climate, causing increased flood fatalities in Africa

The History of Denim Jeans

Welcome to Our World

Around the web: levels of analysis

Animal Lores: Myths, Disasters, and Animals

If not for this book, Christopher Columbus couldn’t have crossed the Atlantic

Four Stone Hearth #103

Eight months of science blogger interviews and Wild Muse’s Greatest Hits

Free-Fallin’: The Red Bull Stratos Challenge Hits a Legal Snag

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of Education

Leigh Van Valen, R.I.P. and More deaths and Leigh Van Valen.

Sharks, Shifting Baselines and the Oil Spill

Gone for good: Arctic Ocean ice free all year by the 2040s?

First plane after the winter lands at South Pole

Politicians, Watch Your Grammar

The Hell Cricket

Summer babies and that funny | symbol

Automatic Differentiation

When an imploring librarian is not enough

A Handy Alternative Therapy Flowchart

Mr X

Figuring out figures in scientific papers: new search / ranking method outline in PLoS One paper

When a comet’s not a comet after all

The World’s Best Science-Inspired Currency Designs

Darwin and Evolution in Cartoons and Caricatures

Some notes on Open Access Week

The amazing, shrinking human population?

Too many open loops or new type of science?

Your greatest challenge survey

8000 years of genetic engineering in your fruitbowl

General thoughts on writing useful reviews

Another day, another drug company cover up

The Elevator Pitch

Last Airbender Tweet-a-Thon

Is human activity toxic?

The Ladder of Incompetence

Very Large Tourism

OScar Project

Invitation to Participate in Study of Body Image in Women 50 and Older

Western Australia!

Parasite of the Day: The New World screwworm – Cochliomyia hominivorax

Platypus. Poisonous, egg laying mammal with ten sex chromosomes

Humanizing our Heroes

Fun with Densities

Curse you, passive voice!

The Darkside of Scientific Competition

Don’t touch! On the mixed effects of avoidant instructions

Arriba, arriba!

“I am bit with a Rattle-fnake, and therein lies my Murderer!” – 1747


Publisher Finds iPad Has Usability and Portability Limitations

Writing in Motion: Traversing Public/Private Spaces: Call for Program

A Disease with no Remedy I

Traffic Bait Doesn’t Bring Ad Clicks

How many journos does it take to tell a story?

Open Access Week: Principles for Open Bibliographic Data

How and why scholars cite on Twitter

President Obama to Host White House Science Fair and Obama Takes Science Push to ‘Mythbusters’

How to hold an NSF panel hostage

Melting Ice Turns 10,000 Walruses into Landlubbers

Trying To Do Too Much: Why Multitasking Fails

Revolution Postponed: Why the Human Genome Project Has Been Disappointing

My Journey with Heart Failure

Contingent Education?: How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids

Nature Publishing Group’s survey on science blogs

We thought the internet was killing print. But it isn’t

College advances poultry research through $100,000 equipment donation from BRI

View the World Equestrian Games cross-country course from the rider’s eye view with this great hat-cam video

The fine-structure constant is probably constant by Sean Carroll

Rewards and the Menstrual Cycle

Taking the ‘ouch’ out of shots

He’s all grown up, and he still likes sharks

Readings from news execs

Artist Weaves Weather Data Into Complex Baskets

The Culture of Poverty Debate

Science’s memory man

Spider Invaders

Pascal Boyer: The Fracture of an Illusion

Tyrannosaurus the Cannibal

Don’t wait for superman

Interviews on Consciousness – Jennifer Mather

Findings: Linguistic Universals in Pronoun Resolution

It’s Open Access Week! Celebrate with PLoS, DOAJ, SPARC, and more.

Soil microbes make great art

Am I partly Jewish? Testing ancestry hypotheses with 23andMe data

The Race to Save America’s Bats

Crabs expose colliding continents

The Heavy Reliance of Chemical Academia on Opinion

Special report: Morality put to the test

The Astrophysics of Bedtime Stories


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