I hope to see you tonight!

If you come to Durham tonight you’ll get to schmooze and share drinks with a bunch of veteran Triangle bloggers, or veteran bloggers now living in the Triangle, and some new bloggers and some fans. Join us – more the merrier. Who will be there?

Anton Zuiker
me and my wife
Pam Spaulding
David Kroll a.k.a. Abel PharmBoy
Craig McClain
Misha Angrist
Wayne Sutton
Ilina Ewen
Dawn and Brian Crawford
Ruby Sinreich and Brian Russell
Princess Ojiaku
Andre Blackman
Gabrielle Kaasa
Lisa Sullivan
J. Michael Quante
Joanna Wolfe
Rob Zelt
Wendy Livingston
Allegra Sinclair
Stacey Alexander
Alicia Cuthbertson
Kevin Davis
Beck Tench
Jeff Stern
Fiona Morgan
Jeremy Griffin
Dipika Kohli
and more….

There is plenty of space, and you can still register or just show up.


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