In Space, Holes are a problem

We have already covered, in quite some detail the problems of passing gas in space. Not so much a problem inside a spaceship, but potentially a problem on a space walk, especially if the said activity, if particularly powerful, produces a rip in the scafander. The air leaves and it’s all over for you. Perhaps those beans tasted too well last night, eh?
The holes in the hulls of spaceships and in space-suits are incompatible with human life.
Then, there is the perennial question about sex in space. Did they or didn’t they? Officially, nothing ever happened. Unofficially, sure it did. Between astronauts down on Earth and most likely on spaceships. But it is difficult.
And out on a space-walk, it is even more difficult. Again, there is the problem of holes. How do you design a spacesuit for this? One with a female condom and another with a male condom? And what if the condom breaks? Poof! You’re dead. Not to even mention the problem of action+reaction forces….
So, if holes are such sources of horror in space, why, oh why, is there a gun on the Space Station? To ward off aliens? To shoot an ex-sex-partner when he farts?

2 responses to “In Space, Holes are a problem

  1. As the story says, the gun in in the survival kit of the Soyuz spacecraft. Don’t forget that the Soyuz lands on, well, land. Remote land. Land with animals and stuff.
    And if it comes down at night, shooting off a flare would help them find you.
    You know, if somebody went nuts and was going to cause problems with the space station, I’m sure they could find something much more dangerous than a gun.

  2. Guns don’t make holes. Only people make holes!