Food and Guilt

…from different points of view:
Anne-Marie: Culinary revelation
Mark Powell: Saving the ocean with guilt or desire? and Does the sustainable seafood movement rely on guilt? (blogfish poll)
Miriam Goldstein: Guilty as charged
Amanda Marcotte: Save your soul with recycling

One response to “Food and Guilt

  1. I think a “backyard permaculture food forest” is what my grandmothers called a “vegetable garden”. 😉
    My reactions to the social phenomena described in the NYT article (snark-smacked by Amanda Marcotte) are mixed: on the one hand, I think it’s great that environmental awareness and green practices are even considered by some people, but on the other hand, many of those efforts smack of smugness and hypocrisy. It’s not just the educated suburban moms either-there were a couple of interesting posts at The World’s Fair on this very same hypocritical phenomenon in academicians, particularly scientists.