Viruses in the Oceans: join the latest Journal Club

Brendan Bohannan, Richard W. Castenholz, Jessica Green and their students and postdcos at the Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Oregon are currently doing a Journal Club on the PLoS ONE article The Sorcerer II Global Ocean Sampling Expedition: Metagenomic Characterization of Viruses within Aquatic Microbial Samples, which is part of the PLoS Global Ocean Sampling Collection. Please join in the discussion.

One response to “Viruses in the Oceans: join the latest Journal Club

  1. Congratulations! It is interesting to note that the marine virus research has been more exposed, especially by new technology- metagenomic.
    Perhaps a new paradigm of virus will be emerging by the discoveries in marine viruses; evolving from lethal pathogens to ecosystem regulators.
    Sometimes, I wonder that the axis of biological world is in the domain of virus, not in the protista. It is my primary speculation.
    As a shrimp virus technician for the last 20 years, I have seen the light from the other tunnel to compliment our human-centered view of the universe. It may change our health management and clinic protocol.
    Let us explore this frontier with cautious speculation. And wish the research team with high motivations.