Excellent, excellent!

This blog has just been notified that a bank in Sierra Leone has…nope, no millions of dollars in spam-money. Something much better – Maryannaville gave us the Excellent Blogger Award! Thank you!
Recepients of this award can proudly place this image on their side-bars:
And now, I need to pick ten recipients. Ten!? Per minute? Yikes – this is hard. Let’s just assume that all of my SciBlings are Excellent by definition and take a look at some good ones outside of The Borg:
Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets
The Beagle Project Blog
The INFO Project Blog
The Inverse Square Blog
Mind the Gap
Creek Running North
Pondering Pikaia
The Natural Patriot


4 responses to “Excellent, excellent!

  1. I came to your blog from Effect Measure about couple of weeks ago. Congratulations!
    I like your simple job description-‘My job is to try to motivate you to comment on the papers’. And also like PLoS’s core values, especially the internationality. I hope that your crowd will cover global’ creative minority’; particularly to non-English speaking areas- Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc. I mean not necessary in number of your crowd, nevertheless in depth and diversity of cultural backgrounds.
    After my compliment to you, a simple request, not forces you, please understand; please visit http://www.ucc.org for reading Science and Religion dialogues.
    Monumentous and superb to Blog Around the Clock!

  2. Trazim objasnjenje pre nego sto cestitam

  3. Amend my first post of this thread: I came across to this blog, not I came to. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. “[…]my SciBlings are Excellent by definition[…]

    Not only is this blog Excellent, the blogger behind it all is highly intuitive, as well, I see. Additionally, I’m pretty sure that I read every science blog here and the term ‘Excellent’ fits the bill, by golly. I’d like to also add that the “Clock” is a great representative of the rest of the family. You’re all great! Plus that, I knew that you’d be gracious enough to accept the award.
    Thanks for being such a good egg, kiddo, and congratulations!