Having basic courage and decency is not manly enough, eh?

Why are Republicans (and their voters) so insecure about their masculinity? What are they covering up with their aggression and machismo? Why everything they say and do in an election boils down to some mythical and barbaric notion of manliness:
War cheerleaders ask: ‘Is Obama man enough to be president?’
Thus, everyone who opposes them is always tagged as a ‘sissy’, although it is them who are fearful cowards. If you criticize cowards you are shrill and effeminate and hysterical like a woman, is that how it works?
The religion of balance and centrism
How much you want to bet that these people all vote Republican?


9 responses to “Having basic courage and decency is not manly enough, eh?

  1. Tyler DiPietro

    Why, of course you can’t trust a bunch of wimpy Defeatocrats to handle a manly war that belongs in the hands of manly Remanlicans! This is why the presidents who withdrew from the conflicts in Korea, Vietnam and Lebanon were all Defeatocrats, regardless of actual history of party affiliation.

  2. Having basic courage and decency is not manly enough

    Manly enough? How are those traits penis-dependant at all? Obviously if you’re a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Rethuglican with deep seated gender identity issues (is that redundant?) then I understand the confusion, but can the rest of us stop exacerbating the issue by casually linking “masculine” with courageous or decent?

  3. The only people left in the Republican Party are insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian followers, greedy power-mad corporatist oligarchs, and insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian leaders who are tools of the greedy power-mad corporatist oligarchs. All this “manly” shit is a cleverly designed technique for keeping the insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian followers in line.

  4. It should be judged on cock size completely. According to my email spambox I have many good friends, old classmates and genuine canadian pharmacies just rareing to go to help these poor folks out and make them rrerreeaaaaaalllll m/\ns.

  5. Yes, the title was a sarcastic riff off of the mouthbreathers’ notion of masculinity.

  6. I think you should rename your blog “left wing circle jerk” to provide a more accurate representation to those who might choose to read and comment.

  7. I would proudly do so, as this would be much better than a typical “right wing circle jerk” where decency, accuracy and truth never matter.

  8. Mike is right on the money. I always enjoy seeing you Libs stroking each other to your witty little comments off in your small corner of cyberspace.
    After your hero Hillary loses perhaps you’ll pause the circle jerk and rejoin the rest of thinking America.

  9. It’s so hilarious when wingers do their projections. And make a point of coming to a liberal blog to elicit laughter (if not pity). Grow up.