Alan Alda at the N.C. Zoo

He was here last Tuesday for filming of a scientific documentary for PBS:

He was doing important work on an upcoming PBS special “The Human Spark”, a three-part documentary about what makes us human, due to air next year.
Alda, who also met with researchers at Duke University on Monday, started filming last week and said he will tape additional segments in France, England and South Africa, as well as in the Pacific Northwest. Duke primatologist Brian Hare suggested the NC Zoo as a shooting location, zoo spokesman Rod Hackney said.


One response to “Alan Alda at the N.C. Zoo

  1. Oh, I’m glad Alda’s still doing science TV! I keep seeing all those episodes of Scientific American Frontiers that are 6, 7, 8 years old — not a great recommendation for a show that purports to be about FRONTIERS and NEW stuff — and I keep waiting for newer stuff.