The Tar Heel Tavern is back!

The Tar Heel Tavern was the first blog carnival that focused on a geographical region instead of a topic. It was going strong for about two years, but I could not find enough time to manage it any more, so it went extinct.
But now that blogging in North Carolina has grown so much and got well organized, the idea of resurrecting the Tar Heel Tavern has popped up. Perhaps we can do a few, for special occasions, and if it “catches” turn it into a monthly or fortnightly carnival (weekly is far too intense).
Anton hosted the first resurrected TTHT with the topic of Water, due to the draught.
Next, Abel will host the Tavern focused on the question: “What would you want the rest of the world to know about North Carolina?” Send your URL to Abel at tarheeltavern.abel at gmail dot com by next Monday 28 April.
And after that, the topic will be Mom, in time for Mother’s Day. So, if you are a NC blogger, or even if you are not but have something to say about NC, please help the Tavern open its doors again.

One response to “The Tar Heel Tavern is back!

  1. Thanks for the plug, Bora.
    To reiterate: this carnival is open to anyone who has lived in or visited North Carolina.
    Many thanks!