Just so you know….

….this is what I got for my birthday yesterday….

6 responses to “Just so you know….

  1. Rub it in, why dontcha, when I was so good and didn’t buy one in NYC! Is it awesome in every way?

  2. It is so…shiny and new, I am afraid to touch it! I am still just looking at it and admiring it 😉

  3. They are wonderful aren’t they? All that internet/music/video goodness with shiny touch screen. I’m rarely appart from mine!

  4. Can you give us a review in a couple of weeks? I’ve been thinking about getting one. It has full Internet access, right? Not just the few web services mentioned in the marketing materials?

  5. Despite being completely jealous, the idea (worryingly now a reality) of Coturnix with an IPod has induced varicose veins.
    Charles Darwin – HELP….

  6. LOL! So, when am I ever going to be offline now?!