Cell Signaling in PLoS ONE

Peter Binfield, the new Managing Editor of PLoS ONE, did some analysis of the content of the journal so far, and realized that the single most frequent Category our authors use is ‘Cell Signaling’. And, as he writes in his blog post, those are some impressive papers….and we want more of them!

4 responses to “Cell Signaling in PLoS ONE

  1. Quick question – will PLoS ONE articles ever be listed in the ISI Web of Knowledge? I’m leery of publishing there again because of this. Thanks!

  2. Related to the previous comment:
    I was actually going to do a journal club on an article in Plos One until someone pointed out to me that the journal doesn’t have an impact factor. Translation: he meant that it isn’t a proper journal. I picked another article from another journal.

  3. Ah, slavery to the Impact Factor… It is too young to have it – just a year old. It will get listed once it is two years old. It is good research, so why not do a Journal Club?

  4. how to find the citation of the PLOS ONE article?