How YOU can help with malaria research

Social networking meets social conscience:

As reported today in the science journal Nature, aims to help in the stuggle against malaria. Rather than throwing buckets of money at big name Western research institutes, the new website aims to give smaller locally-based African projects a bigger profile.
Relying on grass-roots support from people who are concerned about poverty and disease, the website hopes to fund in-country research that would otherwise be overlooked by the big funders such as the Gates Foundation or NIH.
The site provides profiles of projects that individuals (that’s you and me!) can evaluate and choose to support.

One response to “How YOU can help with malaria research

  1. Oh, man, I love it. Like Kiva for science!
    I actually did give some support for mosquito netting via Kiva last round. I was glad to be able to choose that one for both the woman entrepreneur and the project type.
    And Sheril’s posts about poverty and women and science had me wondering if there was a way we could give girls scholarships in some mechanism like this….
    Going to check that out. Thanks!