Whither recess?

Whatever happened to recess? I can’t imagine a school day without one! This is a crime.

3 responses to “Whither recess?

  1. In elementary school (1 thru 8) we had two levels of pavement on which to play during recess.
    In high school we had the full school grounds. At lunch we were allowed to go out if we wished.
    I also recall that in high school every semester we had at least one free period other than lunch. That was nice.

  2. This is one popular blog. You drove up my stats pretty high. Many thanks for the link!
    See you at ConvergeSouth on October 16-17, 2008 in Greensboro (and BlogHer on October 18). Yes, a cheap plug for the conference, but you seem to have all the readers 🙂

  3. Oh, yes, scroll down, I mentioned it as well… 😉