Darwin Ceiling at the Museum

Anne-Marie found this article:

London’s Natural History Museum is to decorate the ceiling of one of its major rooms with a permanent art installation, inspired by evolutionary theory, in honour of Charles Darwin’s bicentennial. The 10 shortlisted entrants have now been announced and their ideas are on display.

You can see a slideshow of the proposals, but the article does not say exactly who is doing the choosing. Some internal committee, public at large?
Which proposal do you like the best? Perhaps we can influence the choosers if we write about this all over the blogs.

3 responses to “Darwin Ceiling at the Museum

  1. Like I mentioned in my post, my vote is definitely for the piece inspired by the evolution of the eye!

  2. I think it might be too late to influence anything – the winning artist is being announced tomorrow night at an evening event in the museum. I’ll be there and will blog the result as soon as I can!