Juno, Day 1

The first video:

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  1. themadlolscientist

    awwwwwwwwww shes 2 mush cute 4 me =SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE= =hed asplode=
    How old is she? Any particular breed? And what do the kittehs (you still have 2 IIRC, correct me if I’m wrong) think?

  2. themadlolscientist

    p.s. =belleh snorgle= =nosicle kiss= =ears soft kronsche=

  3. She is a chihuahua. I think she is 8 weeks old. Millie (the poodle) and Biscuit (the cat) mostly ignore her when they can and tolerate her when she comes close or starts chewing on their feet, but they are gentle animals and will make friends with the new puppy in a matter of weeks.
    Orange Julius disappeared on May 2nd and we could not find him although we did everything possible to make everyone alerted (neighborhood kids, local vets, local shelters, pound…). He was impossible to contain indoors, but always came back before….

  4. themadlolscientist

    So sorry to hear about Julius’s disappearance. But you never can tell with cats. My parents had an indoor cat that got out of the house a couple of times. We think he got so confused, he freaked and ran off some place to hide. The first time he was gone 8 weeks, the second time it was 6 weeks, and both times he finally showed up at the back door half-starved and looking like something the cat dragged in (sorry, just couldn’t resist) Both times my dad (who claims to be a cat-hater, but we all know it ain’t so) was able to coax him inside by opening a can of cat food.
    I had forgotten about Millie. You don’t seem to mention her very much. But then maybe that’s just me. I’m a 100% cat person, have never had a dog, and just sort of tend to skim over stuff about them. OTOH, the kittehs always make me stop and look! =^.^=
    It’s amazing how much adult animals will put up with from ankle-biters. But it cracks me up when – seemingly overnight – the older critter suddenly decides, “you’re too old for this nonsense, kid!” and starts dishing a little of it back. After a few good swats, the little guy usually figures out what’s up, but the process can be hilarious.
    What’s really hilarious is the way they often do exactly the same thing with n00b humans. Up to a certain age, the kid can carry the critter around with its feet dragging the ground, chew on its tail, and get into its food bowl with impunity. But when the animal has had enough, watch out! It’s as if they’re teaching their own kittens/puppies good manners.