Oncology Blog Aggregator

I heard that this is how it happened: when I went to Belgrade and talked about OA at the med school at University of Belgrade, I mentioned that Vedran is the local Web guru for them if they need anything. Someone from the Oncology hospital was there and later she contacted Vedran and asked him to make a blog aggregator that pulls together what people are writing about cancer. So, he did it – the Oncology Blog Aggregator is now live. If you know of good cancer blogs that should be included in the aggregator, let me know in the comments.


3 responses to “Oncology Blog Aggregator

  1. Oh keeper of the internetz, is it okay blog etiquette to send in our feed if we write about cancer only 35% of the time?

  2. A great RSS feed for aggregation of Oncology news articles:

  3. Yes, send in other good feeds.