Carrboro Creative Coworking is a Go!

Carrboro Creative Coworking, a brilliant local project spearheaded by Brian Russell, is now a reality. The lease has been signed!

Carrboro Creative Coworking now has a lease for office space at 205 Lloyd Street, Suite 101 in downtown Carrboro! It’s 3,049 square feet and has nine small offices, two conference rooms, a kitchen, and public work space. The TARGET opening date for CCC is Wednesday, October 1, 2008. Stay tuned for exact dates and grand opening party info. 🙂
To launch this business I need your help now. Its essential that I pre-sell as many services as I can. This will fulfill a requirement for receiving my loan from the Town of Carrboro. Plus it’ll give us a personal boost. My wife and I are taking a LARGE financial risk. I believe its worth it.
Early next week I’ll have a pre-sell agreement for you with a list of services and their costs. We’ll have the Coworker (day/seat), the Full Time Coworker (desk/month), and the Office Coworker (office/year). Once the space actually opens we’ll fill out a more formal sales agreement contract. This pre-sale agreement will primarily act as evidence for the Town of Carrboro that you want to work at the space. MOST IMPORTANTLY it will help me to get my loan!
So if you believe in Carrboro Creative Coworking PLEASE get ready to commit. Look for the pre-sale agreement here. Contact me if you have questions.

You can read (and if you are local forward to your friends and media) the official press release (pdf):

August 21, 2008 – Carrboro, NC – Carrboro Creative Coworking signed the lease
and is ready for business. And it’s not any ordinary business – Carrboro Creative
Coworking (CCC) is a professional shared workspace with a cafe-like
atmosphere. Designed with a welcoming environment for micro-business owners
such as freelance professionals, home-office workers, entrepreneurs, start-up
business owners and more, CCC offers a place to set up shop quickly and
conveniently. Small offices, full time desks, and seats are available for presale
” For years I’ve dreamed of creating a place for people that need reliable office
space, a cool community with interaction and flexibility,” says CCC founder Brian
Russell. “Carrboro is the ideal spot for folks that telecommute from everywhere to
the Triangle to DC to San Francisco to New Delhi. We have an amazing group of
people right here looking for a place to convene professionally. They may not
want to work at home alone for long stretches. They may not want to work in a
vast commercial office. This affords social interaction as well as professional
opportunities. In the end, CCC can actually be less expensive than other office
space and you get great coffee!”
Russell is preparing to launch CCC sometime in early October. It will be located
at 205 Lloyd Street, Suite 101 in Carrboro, NC. Please keep a look out for
information about the grand opening party and office tours.

See what Brian says:

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